• Southeast Raleigh Workshop: For organizational and agency representatives

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    RSVP here or to info@voicesintoaction.org

    Voices into Action: The Families, Food, and Health Project is holding a special workshop for valued partners on February 22 and 23, and we’d like to invite you or a representative from your organization to participate.

    What does the Community Workshop involve?

    This workshop explores the issue of children’s health through assets and networks available in Southeast Raleigh around food access and access to places to be active.  We will have input from community members, community leaders, and organizations that serve the community, and a chance to develop action plans and partnerships. 

    Why should our organization participate?

    This is a unique opportunity for your organization to hear feedback from a group of community members regarding what local services and resources they use, what organizations they trust, and what they identify as needs to be addressed. It aims to be a springboard for small projects, and may create partnerships or initiatives that can receive funds from Voices into Action mini-grants in the future.  We will make the results of the workshop and the needs identified by community members available for organizations to use for future projects or grant-writing.


    Friday, February 22
    8:30 am am to 12:00 noon
    Location: Martin St. Baptist Church
    1001 E. Martin St
    (State St. Entrance: Johnson Building)

    This session will involve community leaders and representatives from local agencies and non-profits. Sessions will explore the services provided and links between organizations regarding access to healthy foods and places to be active in Southeast Raleigh. (Breakfast provided).

    Saturday,February 23
    12:00 Noon to 3:00 pm
    Location: Martin St. Baptist Church
    1001 E. Martin St
    (State St. Entrance: Johnson Building

    This session is for organizational leaders and community members to share information from previous sessions and come up with community action plans and strategies to address access to healthy, affordable foods and places to be active. Participants will also come up with a process for identifying priorities for available mini-grant funds.  (Lunch provided)


    Please RSVP to Kathryn Rosenbaum, Community Outreach Coordinator ASAP at (919) 513-2703 or kathryn_rosenbaum@ncsu.edu. Late registration may be available.

    RSVP here or to info@voicesintoaction.org

    We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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