• Reflections, Accomplishments, and Thanks

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    Team Photo 2013by Helen Herrera

    As the year comes to an end, I often find myself reflecting. Sometimes it’s good to sit down and think about everything that occurred, how we may have been affected, and how we have grown. Personally, I changed in ways that I could have never expected. I was very fortunate to be a part of the research team conducting observations in Wake, Harnett, and Lee County. Each family was different and each changed or altered my way of being. I am so grateful to all of our mothers and grandmothers for welcoming us into your homes and allowing us to see what it means to parent, to love, to sacrifice, and to persevere each and every new day. You are all remarkable and I would like to thank you for helping to make this part of our project a success in 2013.

    Speaking about the year, it is difficult to ignore this year’s major events, whether good or bad. As a nation, we observed bombings, terrifying natural disasters, significant deaths, a government shutdown, and too much more to list. But the nation has also reached great milestones, like, prioritizing our own health care agenda. Here are a list of VIA’s biggest achievements this year:

    What were your achievements and major events in 2013? Think about how you changed, what you learned, the challenges you encountered, and your achievements. The name of our research project is heartfelt, Voices into Action. That being said, the New Year extends beyond resolutions, it is about having a new soul, new philosophy, new opportunity, and a new voice.

    Another aspect of the last days of the year includes the obvious, the holidays and time spent with family. It is a great time to reflect on the things for which we are thankful, like our families, friends, and loved ones, just to name a few. VIA is thankful for your participation, involvement, and dedication because together we can continue to help make a difference in the lives of others. We thank you for inviting us into your world and allowing us to work with you and your communities to improve access to healthy and affordable foods and places to be active.

    We wish you all a happy, healthy, and active New Year!

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