Voices into Action Mini-Grants

Voices into Action has limited mini-grant funding for the community to help improve access to healthy and affordable food and places to be active.

Overview of Mini-Grants:

  • Mini-Grant funding is available for projects in Lee County, Western Harnett County and Southeast Raleigh.
  • Voices into Action will fund projects that involve policy and environmental change to improve access to healthy, affordable food. Grants related to physical activity will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    • A policy change is a formal or informal rule or common practice to support healthy eating or physical activity.
    • An environmental change is a change to the physical or social environment to support healthy eating or physical activity.
  • Grants will be from $100-$2000. Smaller grants have a better chance of being funded. Grants above $2000 may be considered on a case‐by-case basis.
  • We encourage proposals even if you have never written a grant before!

Who can apply for Mini-Grants (Note – Grants are for organizations, not individuals):

  • Faith communities
  • Schools or childcare facilities
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Community groups
  • Neighborhood groups
  • Civic groups
  • Local businesses
  • Farmers’ associations
  • Other informal groups working in the area

Mini-Grant Timeline:

  • Mini-Grant applications will be posted on the Voices into Action website (http://voicesintoaction.org/projects/) in September 2015.
  • Voices into Action will hold Mini-Grant informational workshops in September or October 2015 where interested applicants can learn more about the mini-grant process, exact dates/locations still to be determined.
  • Mini-Grant applications will be due by the end of October 2015.
  • Mini-Grant awardees will be announced by February 2016.
  • Mini-Grant funding period will be between March 2016-March 2017.

For more information see the county-specific informational packets below or contact Zandra Alford, the Harnett and Lee Outreach Coordinator (919-513-2858; zandra_alford@ncsu.edu) or Helen Herrera, the Nutrition and Outreach Associate for SE Raleigh (919-513-2703; hherrer@ncsu.edu)

Western Harnett County (note: the dates in this packet are specific to last year’s grant cycle.  Updated packet coming soon!)

Information Packet – Harnett

Lee County (note: the dates in this packet are specific to last year’s grant cycle.  Updated packet coming soon!)

Information Packet – Lee

Southeast Raleigh (note: the dates in this packet are specific to last year’s grant cycle.  Updated packet coming soon!)

Information Packet – Southeast Raleigh


Allowable expenses include, but are not limited to: educational materials, marketing materials, signage, gardening tools and supplies, seeds, soil, plants, cooking equipment, printing costs, portable food storage/shelving (e.g. baskets, removable/portable shelves), and portable fitness equipment (e.g. jumpropes, hand weights, sports equipment, exercise DVDs).

Unallowable expenses include: staff/personnel time, travel costs, furniture (e.g. benches, tables, chairs, tents), permanent structures and construction of permanent structures (e.g. playgrounds, paved walking trails, fencing, new building space), and large appliances (e.g. refrigerators, freezers).

Please call Zandra (919-513-2858) or Helen (919-513-2703) if you have questions about your proposed budget.


Applications will be available in September 2015.  Once applications are available, they can be submitted online, via hard copy or via email.

For an idea of what this year’s application will look like, please see Last Year’s Mini-Grant Application .

Add-ons for Online Applications will include:
Letter of Collaboration Template
Mini Grant Agreement

For information about 2014 & 2015 Mini-Grant projects, please view our blog.