Partners and Community-Based Action Groups:

We are looking for people and organizations interested in food access and ways to encourage a healthy lifestyle in their communities to help advise Voices into Action’s research and community work. Meetings will begin soon in Harnett and Lee Counties. Meetings will start quarterly and move to monthly as the projects start to take off. As a member of the Community-Based Action Group for your county, you will:

  •  Share knowledge about the area that will influence the design of mini-grant criteria
  •  Participate in strategic planning for the community
  •  Advise research and give input into Community Food Assessment activities

We aim for a diverse group of people to serve on our Community-Based Action Group and are looking to include teachers, farmers, parents, non-profits, and others from the community in addition to representatives from organizations and agencies with an interest in our mission.

Please contact Marissa Sheldon, Community Outreach Coordinator, to see how you can get involved through email or at (919) 335-6835.