• Early Spring Gardening: What to Plant in March and April

    Posted on March 6, 2015 by in Blog

    by Mari Kate Mycek

    gardenpicIt might seem odd to think about gardening during these cold and wintry days but the growing season is right around the corner!  Gardens can be a lot of hard work, especially if you don’t have the necessary information needed to make your plants thrive.  Many plants can be started from seeds during March and April in central North Carolina with great results. I started my garden last year on March 14th and by late April I was able to walk out into my backyard and start harvesting. I had great luck with lettuce and really enjoyed being able to pop outside and grab some when I needed it.  Below is a list of vegetables that can be started from seeds during the upcoming months, as well as how long it will take before you will be able to harvest them.

    In March you can plant:

    • Arugula (40-50 days until harvest)
    • Beets (55-60)
    • Carrots (75-85)
    • Cauliflower (85-95)
    • Swiss Chard (60-70)
    • Cilantro (50-55)
    • Kale (40-50)
    • Kohlrabi (50-60)
    • Lettuce (40-50)
    • Parsnips (100-110)
    • Peas (54-60)
    • Radishes (20-25)
    • Rutabaga (70-80)
    • Spinach (50-60)
    • Turnips (50-55)

    In April you can plant:

    • Snap peas (50-70 days until harvest)
    • Lima beans (65-95)
    • Sweet corn (85-90)
    • Pumpkin (115-120)
    • Summer squash (50-60)

    If you don’t get your seeds into the ground during these first few months, there is still time!  Many of the vegetables listed above can be planted up until early June. More information can be found at: http://content.ces.ncsu.edu/central-north-carolina-planting-calendar-for-annual-vegetables-fruits-and-herbs.pdf



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